Pricing for Air Conditioning Replacement

My cousin came to work on my air conditioning unit because it has not been working, and after a couple of hours, he gave me some really bad news. I guess it is going to need to be replaced, and that is not something that he can do by himself, so I am going to have to hire a company to do it. I am really upset about this, because I can’t really afford it. But I better start looking for air conditioning replacement in NYC because it is not like I am going to just sit around and sweat myself to death all summer long.

I know that it is not like NYC is the hottest place on Earth, but it definitely does get pretty hot here in the summer. Plus, the whole city is paved, and so it probably gets a few degrees warmer than less populated areas nearby, just because all of that asphalt tends to absorb a lot of solar radiation. I was reading about a heat wave in India recently, and I guess that they had like the hottest temperature they have ever recorded in one part of the country. I know I am not dealing with anything like that, but to be honest with you, I think I would die in that sort of heat.

But anyway, I need to go ahead and get into contact with a few companies that do this sort of work, so that I can get some quotes, and compare them. I will need to make a decision today as I would like to get this done as soon as possible. I am not sure how long it will take for the installation, but I do not want to sweat my butt off for too long before this happens.