Internet Marketing Helps To Increase Sales

Internet marketing also referred to as marketing, e-marketing, online marketing, web marketing, search marketing or digital marketing is the process of marketing for various services as well as products that takes places over the Internet. There are various forms of internet marketing such as email marketing, marketing through wireless media etc. ECRM (electronic customer relationship management) systems and digital customer data are also combined and used together for Internet marketing. It also involves for the technical as well as creative aspects of the Internet including advertising, development, design and sales. iMarketing also refers to the placement of media through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads on some specific websites, mobile advertising, email marketing and web 2.0 strategies. Thus, its areas are very broad.

As the name suggests and mentioned in the above there is no any involvement of physical sales in online marketing. Peoples use it as network marketing on the Internet. They try to generate more traffic to their website so that peoples could know about their products and services they offer online. This will help businessmen to know the email addresses of their visitors and further they could run email marketing campaign to increase their sales in a short span of time. This is one of the most advantages of Internet marketing that any businessmen can do the marketing in sitting at their room.

Now, web marketing trends are increasing continuously in a drastic way as it provides one of the most convenient marketing platforms which is not possible in case of physical marketing. It has explored the growth of online store as there are number of online stores available in these days and all are running their business successfully throughout the world. You can say that internet marketing works as a catalyst for businessmen to expand their business and to increase their revenues in a short period of time. There are various kinds of paid marketing campaign run by various search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN Bing along with many others.

No one can ignore the importance PPC (pay per click) campaign run by Google for online marketing. Similarly, Google Ad words, Yahoo Paid Inclusion or MSN Ad center are affiliate advertising program run by Google, Yahoo and MSN respectively. For these programs, you have to pay fee to search engines which may vary from campaign to campaign. It’s very useful for new businessmen who has just started their business and want to promote their businesses.

Get Clients by Focusing, Marketing, Rinsing and Repeating

Most people shy away from marketing.  They look at marketing as sales.

Anyone can make marketing work for them if they create a marketing plan blueprint.  Believe it or not, marketing should be fun.

Most people shy away from marketing.  They look at marketing as sales.  Even if your product is the best around, it can be hard to “sell” it to a stranger.  People will often think, “I’m not a sales type.  I don’t have the personality to do that.”  Sales aren’t just for aggressive personalities.  Anyone can make marketing work for them if they create a marketing plan blueprint.  Believe it or not, marketing should be fun.

A marketing blueprint, or repeatable system, will work for any client that is interested in your services.  This means many things.  It means you will begin to grow confident in your marketing plan and ability as your comfort level grows.  A repeatable blueprint will also save you time in the long run.  Just take the time to create a marketing system that works then let the plan do the heavy lifting.  You trust the plan because you know it works.

When you use a blueprint marketing system the results will become clear.  After awhile you will be able to judge the results in advance.  You will understand how the plan produces.  That knowledge will give you confidence in your income potential.  From past success it will become clear that presenting the marketing plan to a certain number of potential clients will net you x number of new clients.  Each time the plan works, your confidence will grow.  Now marketing is fun.  Isn’t it?

The old saying that “time is money” is a truism.  If you have to create a new marketing plan for every time you need clientsScience Articles, when will you ever have time to actually work?  A blueprint plan will save time and end up making you more money in the long-term.  But your blueprint marketing plan needs to work and needs to work for any potential client.  It is critical that you put the necessary time and effort into building the perfect plan.  This is time well spent.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects to your business.  A blueprint marketing plan that works on a consistent basis is a major weapon for you business success.

The Driving force behind the store designing

Keeping in mind modern standards, the store designing has become evasive. With bulk of ideas and the austerity are the factors that work like game changer. Store designing is very appealing to the senses of the common man. The austerities which these emblems of advancement depict are the combination of modern tools and fixtures like, modern lighting and metal Storage racks. The idea that is working behind the development of store designing is only to raise the standard of living and let the common people feel like they are special too. Moreover, retail designing is also inspiring for the people to become more brand conscious, thus making driving people towards the new marketing trends.
Store designing vs. modern standard of living
Here is driving force that is working to increase the store turnover. Thus making people familiar with the latest trends so that they can decide what is more beneficial for them. So store design is only to start a brand competition as we can see the battle of brands when we step in to the store and all the arrangements done to decorate the store is only to present the brands and metal shelving is the essential part of this store designing. So if a store is more inclined towards, window display or visual merchandising, it only means to introduce the brands before the people. We can observe brand marketing campaign when we entered into the store. Surely, this is the work of visual merchandising and brand marketing team that plans how to inspire the people by stimulating their all five senses.

Product arrangement appeals to the customers
First step that is considered in store designing is product assortment, the idea of making the product visible before the customers. Not only this, but the main objective is, to present the items in such a way that it quickly grab the attention of the customers, and this objective can only be achieved if proper lighting arrangement is done. In lighting, the lighting arrangement should be of different colors so that it could properly reflect the targeted product. Moreover lighting should have a soothing effect on the people; if the products have a dark color the light should be of suck kind that it illuminates the entire feature of the product. Thus making thing visible means to facilitate the shoppers so that they can easily select the item form the storage racks.

Store strategy for all brands
This is the strategy of store designing that is focused to present all the brands with same value and worth. That’s why at store, every brand is valuable and people would love to buy things that are placed on Supermarket shelving and refrigeration. The cool and calm environment is another key factor that strikes to the senses of the shoppers so that they can get the best. Certainly this is the environment that changes the mood of the customer and turn him into a buyer by conceiving his sensual behavior, visual merchandisers has made modern day shopping an art. Majority of the people that visits mega stores only to sooth themselves, because they find everything there. Here are world’s renowned brands along with the things that are in daily use kept with great care, under the umbrella of cool lighting and soothing environment truly reflects the need of modern man who needs only calm and comfort while shopping.

Old Goa, the Tourists’ Paradise, is Also a Realty Paradise!

The visitors’ paradise, and the water surfer’s second home, Goa is indeed a fun place to visit! The lifestyle is extremely funky and it is always pleasure to enjoy spending the evenings by the sparkling beaches of Goa. The entire state is blessed to have lush greenery and beaches all across, making it the number one tourist attraction in India. If you are one who is enticed by the natural beauty of Goa and wish to spend your rest of the life in the green spaces by the sea, Goa is the perfect place to invest in real estate.

Goa is now geared up for witnessing a rapid boom in on the realty front, after a phase of economic slowdown and the high home loan lending rates. The city has witness a growth rate of 8-10% when it comes to capital values of the residential properties, annually. The prices are also stabilizing and this is what has been the main driving factor for the NRIs to put in their money in the Goa realty market. NRIs constitute for the main buyers’ base for the premium projects, with around 30-35% of the available residential units being booked by them.
The latest Regional Plan 2021 is expected to give a facelift to Goa real estate market. Market expects expect that the new regulations will pave the way for the developers to be more committed towards buyers and offer them with the best deals at prices compliant with prescribed regulations.

Take a look at two promising projects in Old Goa, which have been successful in fetching buyers’ attention.

Acron Uplands

Located in Old Goa, Acron Uplands is a well-designed residential project by Acron Developers Pvt. Ltd. The project brings in skillfully planned 3 bedroom independent houses and villas as well as a full-fledged commercial complex. Offering the best living conditions along with fresh and green surroundings, these homes are perfect place to live in. The project is spread across 2.2 acres and offers just 24 residential units. These apartments are available in the area range of 1869 – 2152 Sq. Ft. and have prices starting at Rs. 1.28 crore. Possession of the properties will be available by April 2016.

Madkaikar St Francis Xavier Residency

Madkaikar Realtors unveils Madkaikar St Francis Xavier Residency in Old Goa, located amidst the lush green surroundings. This is a residential apartment complex which brings in meticulously designed 1 – 3 BHK apartments having a starting area range of 1346 Sq. Ft. These apartments have a starting price Rs. 61 lakh and are ready to move in. A total of 250 residential units are offered at Madkaikar St. Francis Xavier Residency. The Takeaway The realty segment of North Goa is going through a phase where the buyers have to have a cautious approach towards investing in the properties. The picture of the market is expected to be clear very soon, creating a win-win situation for both buyers and investors.
Rashmi Karan is a writer and illustrator. Her areas of interest are the area and city specific real estate scenario of the Indian cities. Her articles about the real estate offer exhaustive information on the related topics.


Chapter-5, A momentary look of the Muslim Socio-cultural scenario of AZAMGARH District. By: Dr. Equbal Wajid]. Next morning I took my breakfast in JAMA MASJID, Azamgarh with other JAMATI brothers and returned back to Bilariyaganj. Nobody knew where I spent my night except Abdul Khaliqe the guest house attendent, who asked me: -Kal kahan chale gaye the?- – Azam garh chala gaya tha!- – Koi hai keya whan?- – Rahega kon bus jama masjid gaye thae, raat when rahe.- Abdul Khaliqe asked nothing more to me. It was Friday, the holiday in JAMIA UL FALAH. I took this opportunity to wash my Kurta Pajama and put it on a rope to dry for which I asked Abdul Khaliqe earlier. He told me I can put my wet clothes on the rope. It is nothing wrong. After taking bath I felt more tranquil. Students from the campus and masses outside the campus were approaching towards the Mosque. It was a big gathering of more than thousand. The Mosque was full. We offered 4 rekaats of Sunnah Salah then look at the watch to come on 1:00. As it was 1:00 pm the students started their momentary look on the line. They wanted to see today, who the man of the match is. Five minutes have passed then I saw a Maulaana came upon the stairs for his speech. He was looking young in white Kurta pajama and a Nadvi cap, putting a white cloth over his head. He was Maulaana Tahir Madni of JAMIA TUL FALH, a favorite teacher among the students. He was also highly regarded in the local community. He was known as one of the important clerics in JAMAT E ISLAMI.

The whole gathering was attentive to the address. He spoke in Urdu. In his speech he described the goal of revealing Quran. He said that the holy Quran is the last commandment of Allah for the whole mankind, not only for those who claim themselves to be Muslims. He said that it the responsibility of the Muslims that they could bring the Quran to the non-muslins. He said that the meaning of Quran is veiled for the majority of Muslims masses as they never took this book as a learning book. They believe that if they recite the words their job is done. He said: –no-the job is not merely to read the Quran in the Salah or outside Salah, but it is to learn its meaning and spread its messages to the Non-Muslims.- He called the students to stand firm for the service of Islam, whenever they may complete their study and enter into their practical life. He said that many obstacles could come in your way but you have to proof yourselves as a true Mujahid of Islam. As he ended his speech the AQAAMAT was said and he headed the Friday prayer. When I came back to my bed in the guest room after the Friday Prayer, some students came to meet me. Maulaana Ismail Sahab always took care of me. He often used to say: -Sab theek hai? Mere laieq koi khidmat ho to bataiyega.- – Nahien ,,, nahien-.koi baat nahien hai-. Sab theek hai-..- I answered.

For lunch Abdul Khaliqe brought Biriyani, it was special dish for Friday. There were sufficient pieces of meat in the bowl. After taking lunch I took rest and after Asr Salah I was enjoying a slow -walk in the campus. I saw some teachers are also walking very slowly on the green grasses. The students were engaged in playing. Some of them were playing football in the main ground and two groups were engaged in volleyball. Some students were going out to the market side. Taking a round of the campus unintentionally I crossed the main gate and walked to the Bilariyaganj Market. Just beside the Gate it was a small stall, the patent Sambosa and Goshtpuri of Aamgarh District were sold here. I crossed the stall, I saw beside the road there are more stalls; venders are selling bananas, apples, grapes, and guavas. At one stall sugar cane juice was extracted and was sold at rupees five for one glass. I Bilariyaganj market there were more shops of clothes than any other item. In the shop Varieties of rolled printed clothes were calling the customers. As in Bihar, Sari is not a common out fit for Muslim women in Azamgarh. I saw the Shalwar Jamper culture everywhere. Only the Hindu women use Sari in Azamgarh, but often they also use Shalwar Jamper. Veil is a common mandatory factor for Muslim women. No Muslim women can be seen bare faced in the market. I saw Burqa everywhere in the district.

In Bihar we still don’t have any example in any area that can be referred where as the 100% of Muslim women are in veil. Like other very few places in India, Azamgarh District is one of them where 100%. Burqa is practiced among the Muslim women. This attracted me too much. During my three years stay in Bilariyaganj, I observed that JAMIA TUL FLAH has brought a very positive impact on the society. It effected positively on the collective consciences of the mass and as a result the Muslim community has been turned towards Islamic taste.

In Islam, sometimes the outer culture becomes more important for the society than the inner. I believe that an unveiled woman of a kind nature, if she moves in open, goes to market and returns back to her place without staring or talking to anybody harms more to the society than that who lives in veil, goes wrong, does wrong and comes back to her house. The society is more harmed by the first kind of the woman.

When I walked a little more the dense population started. In the market I also found a Mosque just beside the main road. Somebody told me that Dr.Khalil’s house is in the main market. The Blariyaganj market was crowded all about. I saw some students of JAMIA TUL FALAH bewildering in the market, but they wanted to return back to the hostel till Maghrib. Some of them who had seen me in the campus within two three days were confused whether I will be appointed as a teacher of I will be assigned any non-teaching position.

When I become more familiar with BILARIYAGANJ in the coming days I came to know that he Ameer of Tablighi Jamaat in Bilariyaganj is Molvi Rahmatullh. He was a watch maker in the Bilariyaganj market. Later on I used to visit his shop regularly. He was a gentle fellow, never spoke bad about JAMAT ISLAMI or JAMIA TUL FALAH. Although he was the Ameer of Bilariyaganj HALQA but he had spent little time in the path of Allah. I prayed my Maghrib Salah in the Bilariyaganj market Mosque, and intended to return back. The smell of meat Sambosa coming by the road side attracted me and I sat on the bench where people were enjoying Sambosa and tea. The Sambosa was two for one rupee. I took the chance of this cheaper rate finished my plate and moved back to the. Campus. I saw the road communication from Bilaryaganj to Azamgarh is too frequent. Minutes to minutes it was chain of Commander Jeeps coming and going to and fro. The roadways buses coming from all sides of UP touch Bilariyaganj. One can take a bus directly from Bilariyaganj to Gorakhpur, Banaras, Dohrighat, Luknow, Aligarh, Delhi,Mirzapur, Jounpur, Basti, Mau and many other places. Azamgarh is the district town of Bilariyaganj. Bilariyaganj was more famous due to the fame of Hakeemji. Hakkemji was one of the famous medical practiceners in Bilariyagnaj. His fame had crossed to other districts of Uttarperdesh and Bihar. He was a nobleman. A philanthropist and a devotee of JAMAT E ISLAMI. He was liked and praised by everybody. He had his own Hospital. He uses to prescribe cheaper medicine. They say that he had a Dast e Shifa. Many chronic diseases get cured by Hakeemji.

The Bilariyaganj market had its mixed population. In the west side of the Bazar stands the real Bilariyaganj village. Most of the houses are made of bricks, and are mostly kept un-plastered. Whenever I have passed the village lines, I found most of the Houses un-plastered. By that time when I was in JAMIA TUL FALAH the girls’ hostel was in the middle of the village. Later on when the new girl’s hostel was built outside the village the senior girls’ classes were shifted to the new hostel and the old hostel was being used for primary section girls.

A comparison with Insan School/College and JAMIA TUL FLAH was going on in my mind. I felt it is far better for me to work at such a place. I had my intention to admit my elder daughter Kahkashan at JAMIA TUL FALAH in the coming session. I don’t remember how I covered the distance from the Bilariyaganj Market to JAMIA TUL FLAAH, as if within no time I found myself at the main gate. xxxx

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